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Throwing Lessons

Perhaps you have always wanted to learn to throw on the potters wheel, or you fancy really get to grips with throwing and pot making? Maybe you have done some throwing in the past and want to revisit your skills, or perhaps you have your own wheel but are struggling with a particular apsect of throwing. Either way Sara can offer throwing lessons on a 1:1 basis or in small groups of up to 6 people. The lessons are suitable for complete beginners and intermediate students.


If you are a beginner, you will learn to properly prepare your clay for throwing and how to centre your clay on the wheel. During the lesson you will learn to throw a bowl and a basic cylinder shape on the wheel. The cylinder is a very important key shape that is used to make a mug, vase, jug and even a teapot!  With further lessons, you can then go on develop your throwing skills to begin to make some of these vessel shapes and also learn how to turn the bases of your thrown pots to create foot rings. Once dried, your best 4 pieces will be fired in the kiln for you and available to glaze, either in your next lesson, or you can book a separate glazing session.


If you have thrown before, the lesson can concentrate on any areas that you are struggling with such as centering, getting height, making composite pieces etc. The lessons can be structured around your needs.


1:1 Throwing Lessons cost £60.00 per hour and are usually booked in a 2-hour block on weekdays.


Group Throwing Lessons for 2-6 people cost £40.00 per hour per person on weekdays (eg 3 people for 1 hour is £40x3=£120).

Shared Throwing Session at a cost of £70 per person for 2 hours and suitable for individuals or small groups that don't mind sharing the studio with other people. See the Shared Throwing Session page for more details and available dates on weekdays and weekends.

Costs include all clay and firing in the kiln of 4 best pieces of work. Additional pieces can be fired at a cost of £5 per piece.


Glazing of pieces can either be done during subsequent lessons or a separate glazing session (usually on Wednesday evenings) at a cost of £5 per pot.

Contact Sara for more details or to book in for some clay fun!

Gift vouchers are available for this activity.

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