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Corporate Events

Looking for a fun, inclusive and creative team building activity or corporate event for clients?


Bourn Pottery would be delighted to oblige you by providing a bespoke clay activity! Choose from a collaborative making project where your group will create a ceramic wall mural to display in your workplace, or select a relaxing Creative Clay session where participants are able to have fun making a variety of different objects individually. Three hour, or full day sessions can be arranged and tailor made to fit your needs. Prices start at only £80 per person for a 3-hour workshop including bespoke tile design, all equipment, clay, glazes, firing in the kiln and light refreshments. The options below outline what your session could look like - but please contact me to discuss amendments or alternatives.

Option 1: Collaborative Tile Making project and Potter’s Wheel

The main focus of this option is to make a collaborative piece of ceramic art that requires each participant to work on their own section of the artwork, but yet work closely with their colleagues to ensure that there is a harmonisation across the clay so the whole final piece will fit together properly at the end. This will involve co-ordination decorative modelled elements, and also coloured glazed finishes. The tile project will be specially designed to fit the group size, with each person making a tile that will fit together with others to make a whole artwork that can be displayed in the workplace after firing in the kiln. If the client would like a particular theme then this can be incorporated into the design. Theme suggestions include flowers, nature, local history, famous people, relevant objects (e.g tractors for a farming company).


During the session, participants will also throw a pot on the wheel, that will not be part of the collaborative artwork, but will be theirs to take home with them (after firing). 2 wheels will be available during the session.


​Option 2: Creative Clay: Handbuilding an individual mug, plate or similar, and Potter’s Wheel

The main focus of this session is for participants to relax in each other’s company and to make a variety of handmade clay objects such as plates, bowls or decorative pieces. A variety of examples and creative ideas will be available at the session to inspire participants. Each item will be made from clay and glazed with colour during the session. Those participants who have their own ideas of what they would like to make are welcome to do so, providing it can be accomplished within the session timeframe and reasonable limits of clay and glaze. In addition, participants will take it in turns to throw a pot on the wheel. Up to 4 wheels will be available during the session.


Example Session Plan: A suggested plan for a 3-hour session


10:00 Participants arrive in the workshop area

10:00-10:15 Introductory talk and participants are introduced to the collaborative tile making project / options for handbuilding

10:15-10:30 Demonstration on the wheel (throwing a pot). 

10:30-11:15 All participants will work on their tiles for the collaborative project / individual hand building. They will take it in turns to break off the project and come to throw a pot on the wheel. All projects will be made from clay from scratch by the group. Rolling out clay, cutting out, shaping, decorating and then finally applying the coloured glazes.


11:15-11:30 Refreshment break (optional)

11:30-13:00 All participants continue with their tiles/individual projects.

13:00 Sessions ends

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