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Studio cleaning

The studio is cleaned with detergent and then anti-viral spray at the end of each session. The table, stools and wheels are all thoroughly cleaned, together with touch points such as door handles and light switches.

Studio ventilation and airing

The studio will have the window open at all times, regardless of the weather, to provide ventilation. The door will be either left open during sessions, or opened fully for airing and dispersal of aerosol particles for at least 30 minutes between sessions. Please wear an extra layer if you feel the cold as it will be cooler than usual in the studio.


Each person has their own set of sanitised tools to use for the duration of the session. Any shared specialist tools such as stamps or cutters are sanitised at the end of each session together with the individual tool pots. No tools are replaced in the clean zone until they have been sanitised.

Attendance at sessions

You are welcome to wear a mask if you would prefer to do so.


This really goes without saying - but please don't attend if you have a temperature or feel unwell.

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